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Putting Experience
to Work for District 122

Kevin Geary is a successful attorney, respected leader, and, most importantly, a husband and father. Kevin and Andrea, his wife of 26 years, have made District 122 their home for 17 years.


Both of their sons graduated from Brandeis HS, which is why protecting public education is so important to Kevin - he knows that our public schools are the heart of our community. 

Kevin's commitment to Bexar County is  the reason he decided to run for the State House. Whether he and Andrea were poolside or in the bleachers cheering on their sons, they knew they were part of a wonderful community.   Kevin cares about the families in 122 - he believes they deserve a sensible leader who is going to represent their values, not engage in divisive rhetoric or political stunts. He's ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work for us.

Kevin knows the importance of having a representative that respects us.

We believe in helping our friends and neighbors and working hard to achieve security for our families. We value financial stability in retirement, personal freedom, civility, and providing our kids a brighter future through education. We know everyone should have access to clean air and water.

As the parent of young adults, Kevin worries about the fentanyl crisis that is killing our kids, and he understands the need to address border security without placing the burden on Texas taxpayers. Kevin's priority is making sure that we enforce our current public safety laws, then address the gaps. 

Whether it's helping our kids succeed, meeting the needs of the retired members of our community, or being there for our friends and neighbors, what's important to Kevin is what's important to you.  

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